Give the names of three persons not related to you, whom you have known for at least one year.

Cashier/Customer Service – Part time or Full time, with flexible hours. Great position for college and high school students. Great attitude and customer service skills are a required! Employees will work closely with our valued customers becoming coffee and and donut experts. You are the face of the Donut Bank where we sell fun food!


Production – Full Time position. Employees are required to assist bakers and production staff in getting product ready to send out and sell at all locations. Many jobs are included in this position and employees work closely with product and bakers checking quality. A


Bakers - 3rd and day shift, full time positions. Bakers are responsible for leading the production staff and making a consistent and quality product. Experience is necessary.


Finishers – Full-time and part-time positions. This job is available through our Diamond Ave production facility as well as at each location. Finishers are the final eyes set to make sure donuts are up to our high-quality standards before being set out to sell to our loyal customers. Available positions include 3rd shift and early mornings.


Route drivers – Our Route drivers are responsible for transporting product from our Diamond Ave facility to all other locations each day. They also help in the bakery when needed. This can be a full time or part time position. Applicants must have a clean driving record to be considered and pass Dept. of Transportation requirements.


Cake Decorators – Our Cake Decorators are creative and inspired by life’s special occasions. Decorating experience is required for this full-time position. Not only do our decorators decorate cakes, but they also work with cupcakes, cookies, brownies and anything else we have the ability to customize for our customers.


*All full-time positions are offered Dental and Medical Insurance coverage. Full time employees are eligible for vacation after 1 year of continuous employment with the company. Donut Bank also offer a 401(k) Profit Sharing Plan, requirements include; at least 1 year of employment, have worked over 1,000 hours and must be 21 years old.